Z Haiku

Today marks the end of the “Blogging From A to Z”¬†challenge. Together, we have enjoyed twenty-six consecutive articles (one for each letter of the alphabet) about “garden pests, common problems and ridiculous garden myths.”¬†After reflecting on the incredible fortitude of the animal kingdom- more specifically the insect kingdom- I am resigned to the fact that […]

Yellow Jackets Can Get Too Close For Comfort

Often mistaken for bees, the yellow jacket is actually a member of the paper wasp family. Yellow jackets form large colonies, sometimes numbering in the thousands. Mostly, gardeners¬†welcome yellow jackets into the garden as they kill many insects¬†considered to be problematic¬†in your garden. Trouble is, when they colonize in heavily traveled outdoor areas, they can […]


Gotta face facts folks… here in the west, we have some very dry days ahead. With rain and snow¬†pack¬†at 30-40% of normal, a drought is imminent. California hasn’t seen dry conditions like this since the drought of 1975. Greater demand and less available water¬†means¬†the summer 0f 2014 is shaping up to be even worse. Thanks […]