B1, the Great Vitamin Myth

Just as there are certainties in life (death and taxes), thereĀ are gardenĀ truths we just don’t question. Let’s see if you recognize these. Lady bugs are good and snails are bad. Right? Water early in the day to prevent plant disease. How aboutĀ this one?Ā Rotate your crops year after year. Or, this one; when transplanting tomatoes, bury […]

And We’re Off…!

I’ve taken the plunge. IĀ tookĀ the bait. I drank the Kool-Aid. Hell, I can’t hide behind a cliche; I relent! For weeks, I’ve read aboutĀ a curiousĀ challenge to contribute a new post to my blog, each and every day in April using the alphabet as my guide, blogging from A to Z. And until today, I mightily […]