Guest Post Guidelines

My house - my rules. :)

My house – my rules. 🙂

Like any good blog, Runwritedig is a work in progress. It is evolving. Now that I’m accepting guest posts, I am seeing opportunities to improve the query and submission process. Out of mutual respect, I’ve developed the following set of GUEST POST GUIDELINES that are mostly non-negotiable (unless otherwise indicated). I’m quite sure this will help us both avoid misunderstandings and wasted time.


  • I’m interested in your original, first-run work. If you have previously published it, I am not interested in it.
  • If I don’t pay you for the post, you will maintain the rights to it. You are free to publish it elsewhere after it runs on Runwritedig. For paid posts, we will negotiate specific rights.
  • You can take your pick of three (3) topics from which to write interesting, relevant posts: (1) street running, trail running, and fitness articles related to running; (2) non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and the business of writing; (3) suburban gardening, culinary articles and recipes that somehow connect to gardening.
  • You may include up to three links and a byline that I will place outside the body of the article, most often at the end of your post. Two links are permitted in the body of the text, back-linking to your own social media.
  • While I do not support censorship, my blog is my brand, and I have published a charter that includes, “You’ll find good, clean, wholesome posts that you can feel comfortable pinning  to the refrigerator or sharing with your coworkers around the office.” SO, I cannot agree to publish pornographic photos or text, inflammatory or hateful speech, and stories laced with overt cursing.


  • It’s your moment. Claim it! I want you to present yourself in the best possible light. Include a bio (75 words or less). This is the best place for you to add social media links to Facebook and Twitter. Your picture should be small, for easy placement in the blog.


  • I use Title Case for article titles. I reserve the right to slightly change a title for better SEO.
  • Articles that do not exceed 500 words in length receive preference on Runwritedig. Longer articles will be considered. Write the article in .doc format
  • Photos are welcome as long as they are not restricted by copyright, and you properly attribute them to the photographer, even if it is you. They should be formatted in .jpg and sized “medium” for blog placement.


  • Reach out to me several weeks ahead of when you hope to have it published on Runwritedig. This gives us time to collaborate, and it allows me an opportunity to assess relevance and timeliness.
  • All of the associated links in your article need to work. Test them.
  • Edit your work. I reserve the right to offer light edits, but, out of respect for you, I don’t want to.
  • Send the article (.doc) and any pictures (.jpg) as attachments, in an email to


  • Once published, tell your readers and subscribers about the article. Light up your social media circles. I will do the same.
  • Respond to comments and continue the conversation. It’s how this works.

While I welcome posts from all walks of life, Runwritedig has a current need for “expert” guidance, advice, and “how-to” articles in the three disciplines. Don’t fret over how to qualify your “expert.” I’m looking less for pedigree, and more for interesting, knowledgeable, engaging people with passion for all things running, writing and gardening.

Now, let’s collaborate!


What are Your Thoughts? Comments?

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