My Favorite Stretches For Running

To stretch or not to stretch… If you choose the former, here are some really good ones. Do you have a “go-to” stretch?

Running On Healthy

Now that we are in full swing training season this summer I get a lot of questions regarding what are the best stretches to be doing for running.  To be honest, and if you know me well, I am terrible about stretching.  There is a lot of evidence that shows stretching before a run can actually hinder your performance.  It isn’t always necessary.  And on the flip side, stretching isn’t always necessary after a run either.

The most important thing to keep in mind with stretching is that you should always do it on warm muscles.  This means sticking to post run stretching when you already have warmed up muscles or even after a hot shower or bath in the evening.

Stretching obviously has benefits and the biggest one that most runners are looking for is some relief of those tight, achy muscles that result from long training runs.  Below…

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