Community of Runners

Bandaid NipplesRunner at TreeAdidas 1999 ad campaign

In 1999, Adidas Said it Best – “Runners, Yeah, We’re Different”

I have a LOT of respect and admiration for runners. I consider myself blessed to be among this amazing community. Since my running journey began in 2011, I’ve met some great people who share this passion. Some motivated me to get off the couch and get started; some taught technique; some inspired me to improve; and yet others are still pushing me today. I would like you to meet them too. Here is a series of three-minute interviews, meant to give you a glimpse of what makes these people so amazing.

Prepare To Be Inspired!!

Jim Brennan–  Runner, writer and author– I met Jim through his blog posts on writing, and soon after I learned of our shared penchant for running. Jim is the real deal who doesn’t seek accolades for running. He gives away his race medals and T-shirts, and doesn’t even count his miles anymore.

John Ramsey – High school friend and lifelong runner–  John has run one particular race every year without fail, since 1978.

Laurie Peterson – Entrepeneur, runner, cyclist and yogamaniac–  Laurie’s positive outlook on life is infectious.

Kevin Knutson – Ironman, businessman, ultraman– Kevin’s advice and words of wisdom have inspired me from Day 1.

Donna Martinez– My cousin is an inspiration– Donna has run a bunch of races in the past few years, endured personal loss, and raised a grip for charity. She’s doing big things in running shoes, and always with a huge smile.

Bruckner Chase– Ocean advocate and fitness enthusiast, he’s as adept in the water as he is on the running trail– Whether Bruckner is running a 100-miler on Vermont’s gravely roads, or swimming 28-miles by himself in the open ocean, he is a great mentor with an amazing story (or two) to tell.


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