Independence Day Virtual 5k Run Walk | Relay For Life

Has this ever happened to you? You’re in the grocery store reaching for the peanut butter, or you’re at that looong stoplight waiting for green and POW! out of nowhere, you get an idea that wakes you up! The light turns green and POOF! the idea vaporizes into thin air. Gone forever. Yeah, that. UGH! Not this time. […]

Relay For Life, Stockton California | Solo 10K

This year, Bear Creek High School hosted the American Cancer Society’s 16th-annual Stockton Relay For Life fundraising event. For the second consecutive year, I circled the date on my calendar and scribbled in “Solo 10K”. For me, the ACS Relay For Life  is a “race”. To be fair to the American Cancer Society (ACS), I’m taking some liberties […]

Lessons Learned in 4.5 Miles on the Track

Saturday’s American Cancer Society benefit-run in Stockton took less than an hour out of my life. I prefer to think that running in the ACS Relay For Life actually added a little longevity back IN to my life. Either way, I was enriched emotionally, and truth-be-told, I was unprepared for the lessons I learned during my […]