Gear Review: Adidas SuperNova Boost Glide 6

As a new runner, I have made some stupid mistakes. Haven’t we all!? Thankfully, I’ve survived them, mostly unscathed. I’ve run into poles, stumbled off curbs, and tripped over my own two feet. I have over trained, under hydrated, and never stretched. During races, I’ve gone out too fast with no race plan, wearing all the wrong gear (cotton, […]

The One Piece of Gear You Need For Those Long, Hot Runs

It’s the dog days of summer – OK, it’s autumn already, but it’s still hot outside. Really hot. Northern California has experienced 25 days above 90-degrees F in September, and it’s actually going to be 100-degrees F this week in Sacramento. That doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying a nice long run, however. There’s one […]