Independence Day Virtual 5k Run Walk | Relay For Life

Has this ever happened to you? You’re in the grocery store reaching for the peanut butter, or you’re at that looong stoplight waiting for green and POW! out of nowhere, you get an idea that wakes you up! The light turns green and POOF! the idea vaporizes into thin air. Gone forever. Yeah, that. UGH! Not this time. […]

Race Recap | Devil Mountain Run 10k

Every year since 1978, thousands of athletes descend on the mean streets of Danville, California on the first Sunday in May to run the Devil Mountain Run 10k. How the heck have I missed this great race all these years? It’s embarrassing really, considering the first half of the course takes runners on pavement to within […]

Z Haiku

Today marks the end of the “Blogging From A to Z” challenge. Together, we have enjoyed twenty-six consecutive articles (one for each letter of the alphabet) about “garden pests, common problems and ridiculous garden myths.” After reflecting on the incredible fortitude of the animal kingdom- more specifically the insect kingdom- I am resigned to the fact that […]