Real-Life Forrest Gump Walked 34,000 Miles Spreading a Simple Message – Love Life

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
14 years ago, Steve Fugate took it upon himself to walk across America, as therapy after losing his son. Through his extraordinary journey, he hoped to spread just one simple message – ‘Love Life’. It’s estimated 67-year-old Steve has walked over 34,000 kilometers since he first set out on his…

More Questions Than Answers | #Megsmiles

On a chilly January morning in Virginia, Boston-qualifier and mother of three, Meg Menzies was hit and killed by a drunk driver while on a routine Boston Marathon training run. Subsequently, a sincere and heart-felt international groundswell of love and support erupted, culminating in a weekend-long virtual run; a tribute to Meg and her life as a runner. […]

Inspirational People | John

Name: John Ramsey State: Maryland Profession: Home School Teacher; Stay-at-Home Dad Runner Since: 1978 I went to high school in Danville, California, with John. Go Wolves! John is affiliated with a particular race (Devil Mountain Run, 10K) that has eluded me as long as I’ve been running, and he has been diligently poking and prodding […]

Inspirational People | Jim

Name: Jim Brennan State: Pennsylvania Profession: Writer/Author Runner Since: High School. I ran my first marathon in 1981. Jim and I are kindred spirits, albeit 3,000 miles apart. We share at least two passions: running and writing. I am not ashamed to admit that Jim trumps me in both. As running goes, Jim is the real deal. An accomplished marathoner, […]