Real-Life Forrest Gump Walked 34,000 Miles Spreading a Simple Message – Love Life

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14 years ago, Steve Fugate took it upon himself to walk across America, as therapy after losing his son. Through his extraordinary journey, he hoped to spread just one simple message – ‘Love Life’.

Steve FugateIt’s estimated 67-year-old Steve has walked over 34,000 kilometers since he first set out on his legendary treks. Fugate, a native of Florida, had never really been a fan of walking, but he found it to be a great way to spread love after he lost his children. 1999 was a particularly tough year for him. He was going through a failed marriage and his business had taken a hit. To make matters worse, his son Stevie, 26, was convicted of drunk driving. It was all getting a bit too much to handle, so Fugate decided to go trekking on the 2,167 mile Appalachian Trail, leaving his son in charge of the business.

Unfortunately, young Stevie…

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3 thoughts on “Real-Life Forrest Gump Walked 34,000 Miles Spreading a Simple Message – Love Life

  1. Oh, and to top it off, Mr. Fugate had his epiphany in my neck of the woods–the Pennsylvania stretch of the Appalachian Trail, a trek I’ve done many, many times.

  2. Chuck, I commend you on sharing this incredible story about Steve Fugate, a survivor determined to make a real difference. I lost a close friend this year, whose thirty-three year-old son passed away recently. Tragic. I will reblog Steve’s story on Rite2Run.

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