Independence Day Virtual 5k Run Walk | Relay For Life

Has this ever happened to you? You’re in the grocery store reaching for the peanut butter, or you’re at that looong stoplight waiting for green and POW! out of nowhere, you get an idea that wakes you up! The light turns green and POOF! the idea vaporizes into thin air. Gone forever. Yeah, that. UGH!

Not this time. Every now and then, an idea that you actually remember takes root and grows legs, sometimes dozens of legs, like this one: Over the 4th of July weekend I’m hosting the National Independence Day Virtual 5k Run/Walk, with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society Stockton Relay For Life.

This idea is two years in the making. I’ve been noodling on it since I first set foot on the track at Bear Creek High School in 2012 at my first Relay event.  I learned some incredible lessons about life at that event, as a team member for Krewe for a Cure, a Stockton Relay team. As an encore, to honor and celebrate everyone involved in the fight against cancer, I ran a virtual solo 10k in 2013 at the Stockton Relay for Life event.

Team captain, Margaret Kolbenschlag, and me on the track at Stockton  Relay

Then team captain, Margaret Kolbenschlag, joined me after a sweaty run at 2012 Stockton Relay

Each year, as I quietly run the track, I am struck by the positive energy at the 24-hour event. Because cancer never sleeps, hundreds of volunteers circle the track constantly for the duration. Team booths, vendors, survivors, family and friends line the track and a lot of money is raised to finish the fight against cancer.

By way of this blog post, you are cordially invited to participate in this National Virtual 5k Run/Walk (July 4-6, 2014) to finish the fight against cancer. 

What is a “Virtual Race?”
It’s a race that is run in the location of your choice…indoors on a treadmill OR outdoors anywhere!  You can walk it; run it; or complete the miles by walking AND running.  You can split the miles up over the whole holiday weekend OR complete the miles all at the same time.  It’s your choice!  The objective is just to get moving!  Our Facebook page is more than a mere Invitation page. It is a virtual running community ready to cheer you on in the days before the race and calm your nerves before the starting gun on Independence Day. We’ll be there in spirit at the finish line AND everyone receives a custom finisher’s medal and RoadID race bib for the effort.

If you’re looking for a great family activity that involves getting a little exercise outdoors (at a time and place convenient to you) while helping a great cause, consider this a home-run.

How to Sign Up
There are two ways to get signed up. Your paid $25-per-person tax-deductible donation reserves a RoadID race bib and custom finisher’s medal for each entrant. We have raffles and giveaways all month long as the entry deadline draws near. (please pay by Friday 6/13/14)

(1) You can send a personal check directly to me, made payable to “American Cancer Society.” Email me at for my address.

(2) Visit this link and click on the “donate now” button and follow the prompts.
(In Section #2, click the custom $$ amount and enter 25$. Don’t forget to leave me a personal note that it is for the Independence Day 5K.)

Whether you write a check or pay electronically, you will receive an official receipt that you can use for tax purposes. Thank you so much for helping to finish the fight against cancer.

So, what do you think? Will you join other runners and walkers- currently representing more than 10 states coast-to-coast- over the Independence Day weekend and run or walk 3.1 miles for cancer? I hope you do! 

UPDATE: Here is a VIDEO I made after the event as a way to commemorate this great event. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this a rousting success!


2 thoughts on “Independence Day Virtual 5k Run Walk | Relay For Life

  1. My family has participated in a number of Relay for Life Walk/Runs (emphasis on walk!) in memory and honor of various family members who battle cancer or who have lost their battle with cancer. Our team is named in honor of my brother, Robert. We are the Krewe du Kroey and we have teams in NJ, SC, and TX. This will be our first year not participating in the actual run in NJ, so it is nice to see your virtual run here. Good idea.

    • Cancer struck the Douros family twice last year. It sucks! I have too many reasons to NOT sit on the sidelines. This is a small way to stay connected but I like the national reach of the event. Would love to see you sign up and/or spread the word. Amazing really, how many of us are touched by this disease. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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