And We’re Off…!

I’ve taken the plunge. I took the bait. I drank the Kool-Aid. Hell, I can’t hide behind a cliche; I relent!

For weeks, I’ve read about a curious challenge to contribute a new post to my blog, each and every day in April using the alphabet as my guide, blogging from A to Z. And until today, I mightily resisted any temptation or compulsion to join. Right up to the moment before I turned on my computer just now, I wasn’t sure I would do it. Like a groom with sweaty palms and cold feet pacing outside the church, I wasn’t sure I could commit.

Then I saw the list of 1,818  brave wordsmiths that committed to the challenge before me- many of whom I know and greatly admire- and I had to join. We bloggers are a strangely competitive bunch, don’t ya know?!

So, dear readers, for the next 26 consecutive days, save for Sundays, Runwritedig’s article roster will grow, one day, one letter at a time. Today is day 1 and the title of my post begins with an “A.”  Tomorrow, day 2 begins with a “B.” S0 goes the rest of the month. Because it’s Spring, I’m thinking that most of my articles will favor the “Dig” in Runwritedig; I’ll focus on gardening. The theme will be “Garden pests, common problems, and ridiculous gardening myths.”

For my subscribers who read Runwritedig for the running and writing content, stay with me… hang in there. I will be posting plenty of those articles throughout the challenge as well.

In closing, I have a little challenge for you. Because the letters “X” “Q” and “Z” pose a challenge of their own, send me a title idea beginning with those letters. If I choose to write your title, I’ll send you a small prize to show my appreciation.  Use the comments box below, or email your title to

Now, we’re collaborating!

…And we’re off!





5 thoughts on “And We’re Off…!

  1. … says the Uni student with tongue in cheek. Lauren, I’ve been called many things, but never engrossing and witty. LOL. Thanks, I think 🙂

    Poke around my blog a bit, and you’ll find other things besides gardening. If you’re a runner or inspire to be, there’s plenty of that. As well, I write about writing and I know you do that. Either way, it was nice talking to you this morning, and I can’t wait to enjoy your blog as well.

  2. I wish I’d thought of an introduction to the a-z that was even half as engrossing and witty as this.

    I live in a high rise so no chance of anything thriving here but I’ll be reading your gardening posts all the same. I’ll share them with my mother 🙂

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