Free Running Swag and Great Customer Service | The Clymb

Sometimes all you have to do is ask. A couple weeks ago I was researching and writing an article about uber-cool subscription retail player KLUTCHclub, when I discovered an expired $20 gift card inside the box for The Clymb, an online outdoor gear and adventure apparel company. To be fair to The Clymb, the gift card became expired because I sat on it too long and didn’t redeem it in time. Not their fault. My bad.

KlutchclubI decided to call the customer service number on the gift card, just to see what would happen. I was, after all, reviewing KLUTCHclub’s Men’s Box and the gift card was part of the booty. I felt that this would be a moment of truth for the company. The retailer’s customer service department had an opportunity to do something few retailers do these days; make it right.

The gentleman I spoke to from The Clymb was conversational, pleasant, confident and capable. After a few moments of insignificant small talk- and before I could even tell him why I called- he did something brilliant. He asked me if I had looked at the website and which products I loved and hoped to order once we solved my problem. Not IF we solve it, but WHEN. Without even knowing what my complaint was yet, he knew he could solve it. With one simple question, “which products did I love?” he redirected whatever possible negative energy I might have unleashed, and had me talking about what I loved about their products. I thought that was masterful. And then it got even better.

I told him about the Cloudveil stretch beanie and running gloves that I needed for winter runs. I mentioned that I had never before rewarded myself with good running socks, but found Swiftwicks on the site that I had to have. Finally, I described the quarter-zip Dakine jersey, and the long sleeve DC casual shirt that I had my eye on. I knew that my eyes were bigger than my $20 giftcard, but hey, he asked me what I loved, not what I had in my shopping cart (I had the beanie and running gloves in the cart.) By the time I had finished describing all this awesome SWAG, he had already reactivated my expired gift card and invited me to revisit the website and place my order whenever I was ready. We parted ways, and I felt great about the exchange. I couldn’t wait to sign on to The Clymb’s website and order the beanie and gloves. What he didn’t tell me during the call was that he actually activated the card with enough value (far exceeding the original $20) so I could purchase everything I had told him I loved. I told you. Brilliant.

It was an amazingly generous gesture that was not lost on me. This particular individual in this progressive company had the authority to make it right. And he did so, in spades.

I received my runner’s booty today, and can’t wait to put it to good use out on the roads and trails.

When was the last time you were blown away by GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE? What did the company do to impress you?

Run Swag


3 thoughts on “Free Running Swag and Great Customer Service | The Clymb

  1. That is probably the BEST customer service I’ve ever heard about!! What a great company and they should reward that employee because not all customer service reps can pull it off like he did!! Awesome SWAG!! 🙂

  2. Recently! I bought my grandson a telescope for Christmas on Amazon from National Geographic. It had a defective battery door. I emailed Amazon, the next day a UPS guy picks it up at the door with shipping labels, and the credit was on my credit card account before I went to bed. Unbelievable!

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