Inspirational People | Jim

BDA Marathon

BDA Marathon

Name: Jim Brennan
State: Pennsylvania
Profession: Writer/Author
Runner Since: High School. I ran my first marathon in 1981.

Jim and I are kindred spirits, albeit 3,000 miles apart. We share at least two passions: running and writing. I am not ashamed to admit that Jim trumps me in both. As running goes, Jim is the real deal. An accomplished marathoner, Jim has run more races, and logged more miles than even he cares to count. Our running/writing blogs crossed paths a year ago, and since then we became fast friends. With every post in Jim’s blog, Rite 2 Run  , I draw inspiration and become more sure of my own journey as a runner and writer. red-line

1. Every runner has a “WHY.” Why did you start running? Initially I ran to stay fit, but shortly after I started running I found that it grounded me and kept my stress level under control.

2. What pushes you to keep going? It just feels natural, and balances my life. Come to think of it, without running I’d be a basket case.

3. What is your running/fitness routine for a typical week? It varies. I’m beyond the point in my life where I count miles. I try to take an hour run several times each week, and a 10-12 mile run every other week. I cycle more often these days, and now do as many cycle events as foot races during the riding season. I started doing yoga about six months ago, and have become a devotee. It’s an excellent way to strike a balance.

4. What is your favorite distance to run? Why? Marathon, for the challenge and the feel—it just feels right.

5. Best running memory? That’s a really tough question, Chuck. There are so many. There is the Steamtown Marathon that I ran while my daughter attended the University of Scranton and she watched me cross the finish line of my Boston qualifying race in 2004. Of course, the Boston Marathon was a thrill. There is my first running award for placing third in my age group at the Bermuda Marathon in 2006. Another third place finish at Run the Rockies Half-Marathon in Frisco, Colorado is special to me because the course is at 10,000-feet elevation and I’m a sea-level guy from Philadelphia. More recently, I was excited to cut forty minutes off of last year’s time at the Bucks County Marathon along the Delaware Canal in Pennsylvania.

6. Trail, track or road? Trail… anywhere off road, anytime!

7. What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you on a run? A lot of memories there too, Chuck. One that jumps out at me was a woman who came out of the crowd in Bermuda and gave me a kiss. I was so surprised I didn’t think to get her phone number.

8. Do you race for the medals or the memories? Memories. Many of my family members and friends have my race shirts. There just isn’t enough room in the drawer. These days, I give my grandkids the medals. I do keep some for myself, especially the special ones like Boston and Bermuda.

9. What is your worst running moment? Hmmm. Oh, limping through the Sea Isle City Beach Run 10-miler on a torn meniscus.

10. Give your younger self some advice about running. Soft surfaces and cross-train. The two, combined, will extend your running life. Trust me!

Bonus Stuff:
How do you connect with other runners or runner communities?
  By entering races and writing. As a fellow-blogger, you are familiar with Rite2Run, and you know I just published my memoir Twenty-four Years to Boston  a story about the effect running has had on my life and the joy it has giving me.

Do you have a website or blog? My running blog is at Rite2Run and my website is at Writings by Jim Brennan.

Thanks Jim!

Editor's note: Photo, courtesy Jim Brennan

10 thoughts on “Inspirational People | Jim

  1. Chuck, just found you via Jim. I like to run, write and garden as well. Looking forward to reading your blog as Spring approaches.
    I’m in the Boston area so the only thing we’re growing right now is iceicles.

  2. Hi Chuck,
    You don’t know me. I’m a friend of Jim. Just like to say, nice interview blog with Jim. He has inspired me to start running and to start a blog (under construction). I’m also into gardening (not near your level though). Looking forward to following your posts.


    • Hey Mark. Glad you’re following Runwritedig. It’s a bit manic and seasonal. (Spring/Summer tends to go heavy on the “dig,” while winter usually favors the “write.” Running posts happen all year long. As for gardening, you might be surprised that “my level” includes just five, four-by-eight garden spaces that I’ve fashioned out of used construction materials from around the house and neighborhood. It’s organic, not only in the chemical sense, but also in the materials sense. Small by gardening standards, but productive for sure. My point is, even without knowing you, I can assure you that you can make something happen at your place too. Even if all you have is a balcony. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for the shout out.

    • Hi Susan. Chuck here. I drew inspiration from a series of posts circulating around the blogosphere regarding a 15-year old movement to “Grow Food, not Lawns,” a movement to replace lawns with gardens. I mean, what a great idea?! My philanthropy sadly cannot include giving money, but it DEFINITELY can include giving away food grown organically from my back yard. 🙂 Glad you liked it. Of my three personal goals last year, this one was the only one I met; I gave away 115# to some local, needy families. Here’s a URL to where I first heard about Grow Food Not Lawns —

      • Wow! I’m new to gardening and expanded my garden last summer mostly because I cook a lot of vegetables. This year, I’m getting some help to turn over additional dirt and trying some more new things. Maybe someday I’ll be good enough to be able to donate!! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be needing help…

  3. Reblogged this on Rite 2 Run and commented:
    Chuck Douros writes about his three passions–running, writing and gardening–at RunWriteDig. Chuck was gracious in his introductory comments to the profile he posted of me on his blog, but humble in not mentioning his own achievements in the gardening department. Chuck’s 2014 gardening goal is to grow, harvest and donate 100 pounds of organically grown vegetables to those less fortunate than him, a worthy goal indeed. Visit RunWriteDig at
    Thank you, Chuck!

  4. How can I not like this post Chuck? Thanks for taking the time. I will reblog on Rite2Run. Stay well, and love your “dig” goal for 2014. I could never compete with you in the garden. Grow on, my friend!

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