Run This Year 2014

Last year I missed my running goal. I will not miss my goal this year. I will not miss my goal this year. I will not miss my goal this year. (repeat 97 more times in chalk, on a big chalkboard).

To be absolutely sure I make my goal this year, I’m going to have to do more than write it in chalk. So, I have put on my Run This Year 2014 runner’s bib.

Run This Year 2014 is a free running community that challenges and inspires you to run as many miles as you can in one year! Run This Year is for anyone who strives to run all year.  I challenge you to run this year, as well.

There are three challenge levels to the program:

Challenge 1: Run the year in miles: 2,014 miles in 2014. That breaks down to 5.5 miles every day or 39 miles per week. Whoof! That’s a LOT of shoe tread.

Challenge 2: Run the year in kilometers: 2,014 kilometers = 1251.4 miles.. That’s roughly 3.5 miles every day or 24 miles per week.

Challenge 3: GYOG!

Get Your Own Goal! If you join later in the year or are new to running, that’s okay! Participate by selecting a challenging mileage total for yourself and get after it!

I am joining at the Challenge 3 level (275 miles this year). My goal is MY GOAL. Get your own goal! Most of my peers run circles around me; they run five or 6 times more miles than I do. That’s OK, I’m not running against them; I’m challenging myself. I will not miss my goal this year. I will not miss my goal this year…. 🙂   ARE YOU WITH ME?

Register by clicking HERE.

Here is how you can join this amazing community:

Follow Run This Year on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and join in the conversation!

  • Enter the giveaways we do throughout the year.
  • Log your miles on this form to be included in the monthly mileage reports!
  • Show you are part of #runthisyear with a profile picbadge and/or post the badges on the right to your blog or website!

Are you interested in RUNNING this year? In MOVING more? WALKING more? You can do it. 



7 thoughts on “Run This Year 2014

  1. A couple of my friends from the PG Running Club both ran a 50k yesterday in the freezing temps of Maryland. I was happy just to finish my four mile run without getting frostbitten toes! I think they’re crazy, but I also really admire them.

  2. Run Chuck Run! I’m going to recover from this nagging groin injury and do my first 50K in my 60th year. How’s that for a goal?

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