Las Vegas: A Cyclist’s Paradise

I took inventory of my blog’s articles today and realized that I haven’t exactly been fair. While each of us may run for different reasons, we share a common thread; we endeavor to live a vibrant, healthy, active life worth living. If we can agree that there is more than one way to lead a spectacular, active, and healthy life, then I think I owe it to you to expand my own horizons. So, I haven’t been fair. There’s not a single post in Runwritedig about the sport of cycling; running’s first cousin. Just because I don’t own a bike doesn’t mean that I can’t offer compelling stories about the cycling world. For this, I need an expert; someone as comfortable on two wheels as I am on two heels.

As luck would have it, I am acquainted with Bridget D’Sophia, a self-proclaimed adrenaline and fitness junkie from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her favorite form of exercise is city-cycling, and like me, Bridget is a freelance writer for various publications and businesses around the country. She found RunWriteDig after googling ‘fitness obsessed’ while searching for unconventional city workouts. She commented, “I love how Chuck was able to mix all of his passions together and create an amazing site out of them. It is something I aspire to accomplish in both my upcoming blog, and life in general.” I thought you might enjoy reading about cycling in Las Vegas from her point of view.

Cyclists pass the renowned World Market Center in Las Vegas

Cyclists pass the renowned World Market Center in Las Vegas


GUEST POST – Bridget D’Sophia

Looking back on the life I led before moving to Las Vegas, I can’t believe I practically lived at the gym. After work I would go there to work out, and I seldom arrived home until after 8:00 at night. Sadly, I didn’t even enjoy the time I spent there. During those hours I spent running in the gym next to all those other sweaty people, I kept longing for a way to escape this hamster-like existence. What I hadn’t yet figured out was how to get exercise outside my human-sized hamster ball. I had heard of others who ran in their own neighborhoods, or biked rather than taking motorized transportation. At that time, however, those options seemed dangerous to me.

When I moved to Las Vegas permanently, I had no idea this life change would lead me to become an outdoor exercise enthusiast. In fact, I initially feared that the move would eliminate any opportunity I had to get a little fresh air. Thoughts of Sin City didn’t exactly conjure up pictures of a healthy lifestyle or fitness culture. Fortunately, the city changed my preconceived notions.

When you think of Las Vegas, if you think primarily of bright lights, casinos and luxury resorts, it may be difficult to remember that the city is located in the middle of the beautiful Mojave Desert. As a local, I thoroughly enjoy taking to the scenic bike trails in the area and experiencing the stunning vistas. Of course, I wouldn’t want to get lost out there, so I use these maps to plot my course.

Biking within the city limits can be a thrill as well. The city’s focused improvements include 390 miles of bike lanes and the installation of bike racks and lockers downtown. Las Vegas was recently recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as one of America’s Cycle-Friendly Cities. This provides me with the convincing proof that cycling as an alternative mode of transportation is a safe option in the city I now call “home.”

Naturally, Las Vegas’s fitness culture offers benefits to visitors, as well as residents. Search this resource to find activities and accommodations that offer great gyms and other fitness amenities. The variety will astound you.

Exercise makes up only part of the equation for a healthy lifestyle. The fitness culture in Las Vegas is reflected in healthy food and drink options, available throughout the city. You can scarcely walk along a street that doesn’t have a juice bar, and many local restaurants feature vegan menus or paleo options. If you find this hard to believe, why not come visit and see for yourself? My city will be happy to welcome you.


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