Christmas Mad Gabs

Christmas fun, from RunWriteDig.


Christmas Eve 2009

It’s December, and you know what that means. Christmas Mad Gabs! 

For the uninitiated, Mad Gabs are seemingly random words that – when sounded out loud – have phonetic equivalents that are more sensible. For example, here’s one from Thanksgiving:

“Cramp Hairy Saws”… say it out loud and you get…. “cranberry sauce.”

This time, you’re on your own. Take your time and sound them out. After I wrote these holiday Mad Gabs, I tested them on my teenager. He got all but one. How many can you solve?

  • Chex knots road sting gone hand old pen fighter
  • Sin deal yoohoo
  • Acre wrist mask herald
  • Two elf dates soft grits mist
  • Sand tots word chop
  • Jean glow wall though wait
  • Hand pee haul lit eights
  • Hat pete on a cub (this was the one my son couldn’t figure out)
  • Sight burn mundane
  • Oh mall own
  • Frogs teeth thus note demand
  • A bomb…

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