The 27th Mile

Writers, runners, here’s a great way to get involved in helping those most affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy.

Poetry In Motion

Boston Marathon MemorialThe course of the Boston Marathon changed on April 15, 2013. Not the 26.2-mile course from Hopkinton to Boston, but the way in which people will think about the most celebrated road race in the world in the future. The events that occurred on Boylston Street at 2:49 pm that sunny afternoon will live on in the mind of runners, spectators, Bostonians, all of us, forever.

Boston Marathon Memorial BearOne week after the tragic event, Ray Charbonneau from Arlington, Massachusetts, contacted fellow-runners and writers with the idea to create an anthology to support the victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon. In a matter of days, more than seventeen writers and runners volunteered their time and support for the project, including a past Boston Marathon champion, a New York Marathon winner, and a former Edgar Award winner. Others who have stepped forward include a copy editor, a cover designer, and the Endorphin Report has…

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