Real Men Don’t Garden

Chaos ensues under the canopy of your springtime garden. It’s an outright blood bath in there!


A good garden may have some weeds.
Thomas Fuller, prolific English author and fellow green-thumber

Fuller’s cleverly worded anecdote isn’t just for gardening, but for life!

Real Men Don’t Garden
Bull! Ladies, if your man is convinced he has to surrender his man-card to spend time with you in the garden, he just needs a different perspective. You just have to get him to look a little closer. I can explain.

Guys, bear with me, we’ll get to the good stuff in a second.

Truth is, gardens are a beautiful blood-and-guts battleground. Don’t let the pretty flowers and the fluttering butterflies fool you. Serenity and chaos are the yin and the yang in your garden. Don’t believe me? This spring, when everything begins to really take-off in your garden, spend a few minutes on your belly in the dirt. Go ahead! It’s just a little dirt. What you see will amaze…

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