Earwigs! NIMBY


It is that time of year again – time to do battle with earwigs in our home gardens. Whether you choose to drive them off organically or kill them outright, here’s a post that can give you some direction and reassurance that you don’t have to share your prized fruits and vegetables with these nasty little bugs.

Not In My Back Yard!

Click the link –  Earwigs! NIMBY.


One thought on “Earwigs! NIMBY

  1. Hey Jim… for a runner to throw down a “Like” for an article on earwigs… now that’s support! LOL. The wonky thing about having a blog with three different subjects is that you can’t please everyone with every post… and I totally GET how runners and writers could care less about earwigs. hahaha… So thanks for the support, sir. 🙂

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