Thunderstorm Haiku

Last night, the Central Valley (Lodi in particular) was treated to an impressive Spring thunderstorm. We don’t often get front-row seats to such brazen displays of nature’s potential. It was the trifecta of storms. We had buckets of rain instead of the usual patter-patter. We heard foundation-rattling thunder, and saw brilliant lightning. For most of the storm, the lightning flickered in the sky long enough to light the whole sky for several seconds. Looking skyward, it seemed as if someone had control of a master switch, turning the lights on and off in rapid-fire randomness.

The storm inspired me to write this haiku:

Rain pummels the earth
Lightning, then thunder explodes
Calm follows the storm

Do storms inspire you in any way?

Take a stab at it, and reply with your own haiku about storms.

Editor's note: Photo, courtesy Lars K., Creative Commons

For the uninitiated, here’s a previous post explaining the basics of haiku. 


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