Featured Author: Ronnie Dauber

ImageEvery now and then, someone enters my life and makes a lasting impression; an impact. Most of the time, it’s someone I meet face-to-face at work, or in the community. Maybe I’m introduced by a friend, or perhaps I meet them at the gas pump, restaurant, grocery store or through my kids.

Ronnie Dauber is one of those people, only different. She’s an accomplished author and one of the nicest people I’ve never met. Right. We’ve never met- in person, anyway. I’m not sure exactly when Ronnie and I became acquainted, but it’s not really important. What is important, is that Ronnie inspires. One look at the bio on Ronnie’s website and you can appreciate the true depth of life she draws from, when she writes. Consider the adjectives she uses to describe her journey: Christian, cancer-survivor, dedicated wife, mother of seven and grandmother of 14 grand kids.

English born, Ronnie is a vegan who enjoys writing her own recipes. Like me, she’s a green-thumber, blogger, and freelance writer. Unlike me, she has actually earned the right to be called a novelist, poet and author. Her work is prolific and different. She’s written a young-adult series on the Misadventures of Sarah Davies, an adult suspense novel Web Secrets, and most recently her first inspirational book, Let Faith Arise!   She’s currently writing the follow-up to Let Faith Arise!, called Against All Odds, which is a compelling story about how she relied on her faith in God for healing a deadly cancer ravaging her body.

I mentioned that her work is different. Here’s how. Ronnie writes under a self-imposed mandate to never use profanity, sexual content or insolence in her books. That’s refreshing and very different in today’s world.

I downloaded Mudslide to my iPhone and Nook, and my teen daughter is reading this first in the Sarah Davies young-adult series. We’ll be sure to review it once she’s finished.

Reach out to Ronnie on her Facebook page, Twitter page or her website.

Editor's note: Photo, courtesy Ronnie Dauber


3 thoughts on “Featured Author: Ronnie Dauber

  1. Ronnie has been a great encouragement to me since I’ve started writing. If you are looking for someone to give you a reason to keep trying, she is that person.


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