“On the Jog Training”

I still consider myself an amateur runner, after 18 months and more than 300 miles of “on the jog” training. I started running at 48 years old. Who does that?!  I learned a lot of lessons -the hard way. While I had a couple mentors that did their best to prepare me for “what’s next” after I reached one milestone after another, I would have loved to be part of a greater community of beginning runners; each sharing their own experiences. So, I thought it was a great use for this blog. Let’s make that happen, here.

Whether you’re an aspiring runner who is still just trying to get off the couch, or you’re ramping up for your first 5K, stick around. Maybe you are a seasoned runner or fitness expert who can share knowledge and experience with us. Glad to have you.

So, let’s make this an interactive blog. Leave your comments and let me know what you want to explore. I think other readers would love to read about your experiences, and you never know, you might just inspire someone to get to their next milestone. Next up, I’ll share the “Aha’ moment that got me up off the couch, once-and-for-all.


What are Your Thoughts? Comments?

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