It’s Nice Reading You

Writing is a selfish craft. Mostly, it’s hours of solitude. For some, writing is pure pleasure, while for others it’s an exercise in sheer fortitude. When done well, writing inspires, provokes, invokes and entices. At the end of the day, it’s damn hard work. Contemporary author, Rosemary Mahoney said it this way, “Writing is not a genteel profession. It’s quite nasty and tough and kind of dirty.”

We’ll look at writing from all angles and perspectives. Let’s agree to make this the page we visit when we get writer’s block, or need some inspiration, an idea, or just an excuse to break the monotony that sometimes happens when we write. You have an open invitation to stop in now and again, for a break, a laugh, a lesson.

Leave your thoughts in the comments area. I’ll be here, or at least standing just outside the door, to read and reply.

Fellow writers who know me will recognize my valediction… and to those I’ve just met;

It’s nice reading you.



2 thoughts on “It’s Nice Reading You

  1. Chuck – Writing is damned hard work. Writing a coherent sentence while juggling the 37 balls (bowling pins and chainsaws) of characters, plot lines, time lines and locations can be excruciatingly difficult. But it’s exhilarating when you reach the finish line.

    However, I’ve recently discovered that my worst day of writing is ten times easier than my best day marketing my work. Fortunately I am up for the challenge!

    • Hey Nicolas, first of all congratulations on your book, Be Safe Brother. I’ll be downloading it from soon enough. I like that you are donating a portion of the sales to the National Park Foundation and Muir Heritage Land Trust. Best of luck with the sale of your book. I hope you stick around long enough to be part of RunWriteDig.

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